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Inner Quest for Mac OS X

Inner Quest is a pack of emotions and good feelings, entirely focused on making your day
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12 May 2010

Editor's review

At times computer games draw varied views from members of the society with different opinions. For many it is a way to glorify their power and achievements, for others it is a way to pass to free time, for some it is a way to forget worries and many game enthusiasts has made gaming their profession. Planning, plotting, making strategies, building of business empires to cities, fighting wars of historical significance are part of virtual gaming. However, sometimes games are not only about human achievement or glorification of those achievements but also mindless effort to unwind the mind that is stuck in numerous problems and experience complete bliss.

Inner Quest for Mac OS X 1.0 is a game which completely lights up the players’ day with light fun and a feel good factor. There are no strategies to make, clues to solve, targets to reach, fights to be fought, only match few colors to clear the play area which is full of colorful blocks. The user interface is very delightful and enjoyable for the eyes and because of this and also because of fewer complications anyone can enjoy this game irrespective of their age. Various features of this game include 100 levels full of amusement, soothing music, arcade and relaxed modes amongst others. Without applying much mental effort or time fun and relaxation can be achieved through this game. All the effort is done by the eyes and by just clicking on the mouse the player can get to feel lighter. Even though this game might not enhance mental abilities but it surely makes one more responsive to similar things. In other words, even though it is a simple game still the player can learn something from it.

Inner Quest for Mac OS X 1.0 is a very simple game designed for the Mac based systems. Easy control, attractive user interface, easier levels makes this game a decent tool for enjoyment and relaxation. The game receives a score of four rating points for its stellar gameplay.

Publisher's description

Inner Quest is a pack of emotions and good feelings, entirely focused on making your day. In this game you don't need to make your way across the world looking for clues about your missing uncle ... this game is just a relaxing experience made to cheer you up.
Playing it is fun and easy despite if you are 7 or 77, with its addictive mechanics you will find yourself having a hard time trying to stop.
An amazing experience that will help you to decrease the wear and tear on your mind from the challenges and hassles of daily life bringing you the same feelings and peace you have when travelling in a sunny day going to a Picinc with the people you love or dreaming awake looking at the stars in a warm night.
The game features:
- 100 amusing levels
- Pure-Game-Play Game
- Supreme User Experience
- Amazing Upbeat Music
- Arcade and Relaxed Modes
Inner Quest for Mac OS X
Inner Quest for Mac OS X
Version 1.0
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